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tv   [untitled]    August 16, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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physical location that was not funded we knew that would be coming back to the commission. laltd in february of this year we extend the ap c contract and i will introduce chad if you could stand. we don't have a representative from l t s f they were unable to attend. now the recognition of the commercial kitchen as anticipated most several in 2015 and the recognition of the artist take place in 2016 we're bringing this amendment forward for your consideration this includes the logically plans and the oversight including a
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complete inventory of the are personal proposed and providing artists with ongoing advisory consultants. is star has been added to the sub consultant team they've been involved in the process and spent time assisting the artists so we wanted to make sure they were able to assist the outreach for the information and sure the artists have information updates and provided by someone they trust. so we'll also assist with the process of signing studios to individual artists and act as a point of contract and significantly lc s f will be evaluating all the artist buildings for the buildings long term management lc s f will
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consultation a framework for star to have a protecting subsidy fund. the new budget is distributed among the consultants as follows: we have a budget which 11 thousand plus and 11 hundred thousand plus has been spent today on the first few phases approximately, six 1 thousand an additional 4 hundred plus thousand and that will take it is it is projected for the 15 percent communitycy it is 6 hundred and 45 thousand plus dollars this is not to exceed and is reimbursable and the cost to have the services is one
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hundred percent reimbursable to the d b.a. that slide shows the budget broke down down by the consultant of 3 hundred and 95 thousand and cf s has a budget and ventura has a budget. as far as our progress to date in april and may have 2014 we bracketing brought the schematic designs for the kitchen and those building designs are in the development design stage we're trying to get the permit. at the may 21st commission staff performed 7 to 10 artists have challenges moving into the studios with $11 plus per square foot the staff has a solution
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it's a condition of approval to further adjust the floor plans for the affordable ability and star has commented to try to raise fund for the artists. since then we've worked with the lenar the architecture design firm to have a main goal to have them foofbl and some of the concerns are mitigated with you some artists have affordability concerns. for those 5 artists the difference between what they pay and their estimated rent adds up to full subsidy less than $19,000. so while we have no operating subsidy to assist with that star has committed to precise try to
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raise the funds to support of the artists. the fund star raises will help that will be for the solar panels to assist with the affordability of the building and i'm going to turn it over to star representative to talk about this >> good afternoon. my name is is marty i'm the president of the shipyard we call ourselves star. star does not have a fundraising history we're an advocate organization so we're embarking on a new venture we've supported ourselves and get one contribution through the tidas foundation so we're on new ground here but our goal is to make sure none of the artists
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get left behind we have a board that supports this endeavor so the solar is the biggest monetary component. the solar is projected depends upon the system and use to save this is based on two quotes from solar installation companies both in the city and both in the district 10. the solar savings is projected between 18 and $28,000 a year. the way the solar saves will work there's a monitor on the system so we'll knows at the end of every cycle we wish to identify the electricity that is generated i'm insured that it is easy to translate that into a conflict of interests savings we've not accounted the accounting we know how to assess
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the funds and get a vail on savings. so at this projection between 28 and $18,000 we feel the artist we've been able to identify that are going to need subsidy we feel we can help them all the details has not been accounted yet but just there are no public speakers on this item the solar didn't work we're working on a fundraising movement to try to get feed money for the fund so our annual presentation we expect you to come to we're magnifying that event and hope to generate between 10 and $15,000 in funds we're geology to have extra seed money we feel
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that roadway as we know the issue to be we're going to be able to manage it we have some savings we've been able to stay within our operating budget every year so we have a savings in seizing every $20,000 if we need that before the solar money kicks in we feel like the money part is covered. the problem is those 5 artists have been identified based on the survey that ocii and star conducted at the beginning of the year and follow-up telephone conversations fill they're signed the lease we don't know exactly who will say oh, guess what i can't afford it or i can. so we're trying to plan a larger
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margin of dollars in the event that there are unexpected you know situations that arises. we've done i think with the support of ocii we've done a commendable job in getting people to put in writing their intent but we have no way of requiring them to sign a biden document that's what they told us in the moment and a lot of people change their mind we're appreciative that the architect has reconfigured we had over 1/3rd of the artists asking for smaller spaces about a third of the arts are fine able to afford the size that is comparable to
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their current space about a third of the artists wanted more rent the rent is amazing rent in san francisco for the artist space that's the lowest that anyone has heard about. it worked out more people wanted more space and lessee people wanted less space it worked within the configuration of the building we're within the 28 thousand feet of studio space we're there right now and again also something changes at the point people are presented with the requirement to sign a lease we believe that we will be able to cover any subsidy that people need so they're not displaced. >> thank you. >> thank you marty.
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so in the up come on months star will focus on awe signing studios to artists the first tenants will be eclectic cookery they have 60 or 70 clients they'll move into a kitchen facility and prior to that any relocations plans will be presented to the commission in december this year and according to the schedule the replacement kitchen will start for planned kitchen replacement in june 2015 and prior to the artist relocation will be presented in 2016 and as early as october. that concludes my presentation. we're all here in you have
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additional questions >> thank you. madam secretary any speaker cards >> yes. we have two speaker cards the first is dr. espanola jackson and ace washington. >> good afternoon dr. espanola jackson. i'm not here to speak against the audit i'd like to give a history i know i don't have that long to give it because of the 3 minutes but when the artists came to the shipyard at this point there was no, we didn't know in the community that the shipyard was a super funds site number one we didn't learn that null afterward that was a super site i still is i'd like to say
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i'm called the ambassador for solar and i think you need to be in contact with the staff there because the mayor of the city just okayed a $5 million for this year this coming year so we need to be, you know, working together and making sure that solar is there because i have to show them my pg&e and my pg&e was $4.15 i'm in a house a big house. so the thing of it is - oh, i'd like to say that when the navy came about there was a administration boards set up because of the shipyard being a stirrup fund sites but what happened was the rap members
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didn't support of the d b.a. at that time, because we knew the area was not clean enough to residential standard as the voters voted 87 percent that no man be transported from the shipyard until it was claendz. i know you're going to vote yes. because of the fact that your appoint by mayor and i know that willie brown this is his baby and even though the area is not clean i feel sorry i really feel sorry for the people that goes on that site to that shipyard. the people are dying. people is still getting sick because of the work that is going on presently that shouldn't be going on because which the judge's ruling back in
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july 11, 2011. i want you all to be able to sleep at night knowing what is happening in my community and i had the young lady to pass out the secretary of state to pass out a statement i put together and gave to the board of supervisors and every committee. dealing with the justification of my community and the toxins that are there they before they vote yes on anything that deals with lamar. thank you >> thank you, dr. jack. >> next speaker >> good afternoon, commissioners and linking aid audience. the last time i came here the commission slung but
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realistically i'm not up here to say yay or nay but making statements on on the historical value and history because we're dealing with history as momma dr. jackson indicated it's no mystery as you check the history if you look at were about is black african-american history that we are at the bottom of this some kind of disconnect but i'm happy about now that willie brown has decided by force has to disclosure the things he's been involved with its going to show who's in control in san francisco we have a brand new concept a brand new landscape. i'm concerned as an
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african-american black man even if even though we talk about the projects it's no mystery if you check the history the african-americans won't be involved with none of the benefits we won't be around now this agency i'm not faulting but it's one of the ones that's been there from the inception of the declining african-american and all the artists i'm not sure of their reasons but ladies and gentlemen, i'm not going to be here like go 10 or 20 years ago i can't make an the amendment that yours truly in washington is consolidating all my efforts as well as the media into one thing called the washington post in california we say the
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washington post in california i'm connecting california to washington. ladies and gentlemen, all of those things i've been working on in the cases i've produced something historical to show the next generation who's involved with all the things that's going to effect them. i'm clearly here to say make an the amendment to all of the politicians policymakers and say that ace has been on the case i'm going to deliver something to indicate that shows what's going on in the city which they say we're the leading city in the country but under the surface this is the city from the urban removal to this high tech they all come from the city and if you checkout the city they are around >> now at the top of happy
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somethings going on and it don't look sweet. >> thank you, mr. washington. any more speakers. okay. i'll close public comment any commissioners have any questions that will ask about the amendment >> first i'd like to thank you dr. espanola jackson for educating us and a couple of questions for the star. how many people are working in our your organization and in lamar our nonprofit organization we have 8 board members and an administration assistant >> one person. >> so in the studio assimilate
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our person committed to doing much of the organizational administrative work she's the person that gets paid the board members don't get paid and i know we're not getting paid either. who is installing our solar system >> we don't know we've got bids if two companies red directorship is bayview hunters point cap and luminal we've presented all did bids to lamar with pricing but, of course, since lamar is the contractor they'll choose. excuse me. i wanted to reemphasis the statement lamar does the design and a bid for a
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general contractor to do the construction of the artist building and they will the general contractor will select a interstate for the solar installation and we don't know >> how much rent for the units. >> the starting rent is estimated a dollar 11 per secret plus the square feet i know that kim has done the rent analysis you can jot the numbers down but that's roughly the estimate. >> that's by month. >> yes. by month. >> and what's the square footage. >> it's 58 thousand square feet and 96 himself 98 gross excuse me. >> okay. >> thank you.
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commissioner mondejar >> yes. i have a question if you don't mind. how much money are you expecting to raise so the 5 artists who has indicated that they might not be able to afford the rent is there an approximate >> we've been planning we would like to double our take so historically star lass has been able to raise we've netted 15 thousand and we've been 10 or $11,000 a year but we use that for our operating budget and support other local programs so your goal is to raise an additional 5 to $10,000 this year to use that as seed money so it gave us a curb on before
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the precedes from the savings and the solar kick in. >> so you don't know how much you'll need to submit device the artist rent. >> we don't know for sure based on phone calls and surveys every effort to determine who niece subsidy we've identified 5 artists if star subsidies hundreds percent of what they're paying today it will costs $19,000 a year so our goal to make sure we have 19 thousand. >> i see thank you. >> sure. i had a quick question had you said that when the lease will be presented there's a change in circumstances i'm not sure what this is what timeline that could be >> and estimate to try to get
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an intent to lease closer to the start of construction for the artist studios i think that's. >> november. >> the middle have to early next year. >> okay. >> so the schedule a often depending on the construction process and yeah, so we think 2016 i meant 2016 that is when just before construction it is typical of new buildings. >> okay. so we'll have a better picture of what, you know, the delta if, if you will, between the number of artists and need and dollar value so to have time for fundraising >> yes. i don't know i know
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people's circumstances change. >> we'll also continuing our outreach to try - artists are like herod cats that's the people that have funny schedules we're continuing our outreach we want to be clear on the issue we're trying to nail it down the best we can we continue to talk to people and ask them to let us know if things change so we're aware. we have the records they're quite good >> we'll keep ocii we'll keep annabel up to data on a weekly basis we appreciate the support we're getting and want ocii to know exactly what information we're getting. >> very good thank you.
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is there a motion? >> i have. >> another question. >> oh, yes. what others expenses you have other than those. we sponsor some programs we have an artist and residency program we support small education programs that are with schools and hunters point bayview hunters point last month we spent $500 sponsoring summer camp to the xoofrm exploratorium for the day we have artists that work with the schools so when the schools are doing something you, you know, some special project they'll come to star generally through the avrts they're working with and we work
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with the artists in residency programs. most of our funds right now s are used for operating our paying our administration assistant but basically, we have $20,000 a year >> so you're the main person. >> partner. the main person in the organization >> yes. >> what's our annual budget. >> what we try not to go into our saves it's $19,000 a year. we expect to increase this drastically as we build our programs initially we've been an advocacy program we're building our board and have brought on new board members that have you experience but fittings that's not been our focus. the other thing i want to see
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what the artists concerns are but the second phase of the art fund we'll have savings for the solar forever and once the artists that are being relocated are managed any additional funds will subsidies local bayview hunters point and hunters point artists so there's a community point we don't know the need >> how many total artists. >> one hundred and 37 so it represents one hundred and thirty studios and that changes from day to day not the number of stoouz studios but the artists. well, i move. >> i second. >> no commissioner mondejar has
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moved forward and commissioner singh has second. >> commissioners. commissioner mondejar. commissioner singh. commissioner rosales. madam chair the vote is 3 i's. >> the matter has passed next. >> the next order of business is 5 c continually authorized the executive director to consent to the lease on, llc to california limited liability company and the historical society a california nonprofit corporation consistent with an agreement for property at the 680 mission street former yerba buena project area d one discretion and action. madam director >> thank you madam secretary commissioners that came up in may before you and this consent
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to lease for the change for the california historical society. and at that time the commission had a number of questions related to the previous agreement that go back well over a decade that was recommended to the original developer for the paramount remain and commercial property and in light of the squeeze on nonprofit space citywide certainly, if anything else can be done that is shard between h c s f and ocii we've worked diligently with city partners to come up with a creative solution that we believe addresses our concerns. with that, i'd like to ask christen the real estate


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